Instructions for Redeeming a Gift Certificate:

  • All gift certificates must be redeemed online at before their expiration date.
  • To use the gift certificate credit, enter the "Online Code" from the paper certificate in the "Discount Code" box at checkout. On a mobile device you will need to tap "Show Order Summary" at checkout to view the "Discount Code" box.
  • The website does not allow for the Gift Certificate's Online Code to be combined with a Discount Code. If you would like to use a current discount code AND redeem your gift certificate credit in the same order, please email us at We will send you an adjusted invoice within 24 hours and give you further instructions. Please note that there is a possibility the items in your cart could sell out before the invoice has been paid, so please email us and pay the invoice promptly when you are ready to make a purchase.
  • For all other questions regarding Gift Certificates, please email us at